About The Girl

Everybody likes talking about themselves at least a little bit, right? Right. If you can show me somebody who says they don't like to talk about themselves and/or the people they love every once in a while then I will show you a liar.

^That's me, I'm Lauren! I'm 22 years old {or young, whatever}, and a Marketing student at Texas State University. I am a stereotypical Texas girl to the core, I love hunting, fishing, and enjoy being outdoors every chance I get. & of course the Texas pride runs deep in my blood. I grew up on the Gulf Coast so if i'm remotely near a body of water, whether an ocean, river, or a pond, I am happy. Even though I love Texas, I'm a self proclaimed snowbunny & go skiing or snowboarding every chance I get. 

I have a LARGE blended family so life was always interesting growing up to say the least!

Houston yall, we may not have the best teams but they're the best to us ;) The boy is amazing & all mine.

& last but not least I'll leave yall with a picture of our furbabies. Gracie Lou, Hank
& Dulce. Obviously I'm a little biased but they're adorable. 

Yall (as in all one of my followers, HEY MOM!) can now follow me on Bloglovin' the follow this little link below.

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