Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What I'm Reading | Volume 1

Happy Wednesday yall!

I am starting a new series to give me a weekly blog post I don't have to think too much about & also keep up with my reading. I get most of my books from our public library but if I cannot find one there I am really looking to read I will scour Amazon & Half Price Books for the best price.

Right now I am absorbing all of the information I can as we begin the garden in our backyard & have found some fabulous books through reading other blogs & instagram feeds.

First things first: The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan. I find the books about Urban farming, suburban farming, urban homesteading, etc have excellent information on raised bed gardening, square foot gardening & getting the absolute most out of the small space you dedicate to a garden! I read all 360 some-odd pages in two days because the information was incredible & so easy to follow with different examples, graphics, and wording that anybody can understand. I think I could milk a goat now. Ha!

The Backyard Homestead

I also found the Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects at my local library & just grabbed it as a tandem with The Backyard Homestead. I have to say it is FULL of great ideas & plans that are explained so well.

Our new home is in a completely different county & a completely different gardening zone I grew up gardening in so through reading books, blogs, watching videos & studying the back of my seed packets I was left a little overwhelmed & thinking to myself "Will this even work here?" & then I stumbled across this book at my Library...The Comal County Gardening Guide! It is written by Master Gardeners from my area who have dedicated their lives to gardening here & know what works, what doesn't, when where & how to plant everything. It even goes into depth on lawn care, trees, has photos of local pests & how to combat them, and deer resistant plants. I found it so useful I ran out to my feed store & bought my very own copy. I strongly urge you to check out your local county to see if they have something similar! It really has put my mind at ease & I don't feel {as} lost while planning out my garden.


I am trying to decide if I want to pull the trigger on purchasing these books...let me know if you have read them or not.

The Suburban Micro-Farm by Amy Stross

The Made from Scratch Life: Simple Ways to Create a Natural Home by Melissa K. Norris 

Until Next Time,

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