Monday, January 16, 2017

Starting Fresh | Planning our Garden & Landscape

Hi there! A new year equals new fact one of my goals for 2017 is to garden more. In 2016 we moved into our first home with a real yard & backyard all to ourselves!! Since we built our home we are the first people to have lived in it & while we got minimal landscape but not enough to satisfy my love of a good garden.

For a few weeks now Brett & I have been going back & forth on the details of the backyard garden. We knew the general idea of WHERE we wanted the garden & I knew I need raised beds. No seriously, it is an absolute necessity if you live in Central Texas & also happen to live West of i35. The soil is rocky, unforgiving, and just very hard to work with & control. It's crazy because just on the other side of i35 you have rich easier to work with fertile soil. Anywho, the hardest part so far has been deciding how we will configure this garden but I think we finally figured it out!

I know the sketch is rough & definitely not to scale but we already had intentions to expand our outdoor living area with pavers so that we have more space, can get our BBQ pit out from under our patio cover & entertain easier. Texas weather is amazing & we have friends over multiple times a week so being able to hang out in the backyard & enjoy it is a necessity for us! So the whole rear half of the yard is going to be pavers to add some more seating & potentially a fire pit & be surrounded by mega raised beds! On the right side & the rear they will be large solid pieces in the corner we have a honeysuckle plant that is already planted, it smells & looks beautiful, attracts so many butterflies & humming birds. On the left side on the pavers I envisioned two large square or shorter rectangle beds with a trellis archway connecting them for beans. Brett thinks it will look horrible with the trellis but I need a few anyway so you might as well make it pretty, it will look absolutely magical once it has crops growing on it!

I can't wait for this honeysuckle to come back up!

Below are some before photos of our yard. This is the absolute extreme version of a before because it is January. So far in the last 16 days we have had 20 degree days, 89 degree days, rain & frost!! So all of our plants (or lack thereof) look rough to say the least & our grass is dormant...atleast I hope so HA!

I want to get started like yesterday but I'm going to try to hold off for at least a week. I'll just to have to start some of my seeds to curb my excitement. This is going to be a ton of work but so rewarding!

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