Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: My Garden

I stumbled upon Sept. Farm blog by Karli & couldn't stop reading. I thought I'd join in on this Tuesday's link up! Yall have to go check out her blog later.

We live in a townhome right now with no yard (I know, torture) but I cannot have a porch without some greenery. I may sound a little biased but I have quite the green thumb & gardening is one of my favorite things to do (but really doing anything outside is my favorite) & I cannot wait to have a yard & be able to expand my garden & landscape.

So right now we have a few containers Brett built me with some yummy & pretty goodness growing inside!

1) Cilantro! YUM. I've always loved cilantro & use it a few times a week cooking. That's probably the Texan in me...ALL the mexican food please! If you use Cilantro regularly plant more than you anticipate you need. Also, fresh home grown cilantro is SOOOOOO much more flavorful than store bought Cilantro! In my home made salsa with store bought cilantro I probably use half the bushel but with my homegrown cilantro I can use 10 leaves or less and actually taste the cilantro.

2) Jalapeno Peppers. Yall the amount of peppers we eat through out the year is ridiculous. Again, put in everything. They are effortless to grow in this area as we get a decent amount of rain during the spring & plenty of sunshine. One thing I've learned with peppers is the less water, the hotter they get. For us this is a good thing, for others not so much so beware.

3) Habanero Peppers. These are Brett's favorite. The one below just showed it's face & I just let it hang out until it turns orange. I don't use them in as much cooking as they are H.O.T. but I do like to put them on his side of the pizza, make sauce out of them, and garnish some of his foods.

4) Serrano peppers. Okay I promise this is the last pepper we are growing...for now ;) I love the flavor & heat these little peppers pack! Just a effortless as the rest of our peppers.

5) Basil. mmmmmMMMMmmmm! I LOVE BASIL! I only use it for my pizza because this girl can down some fresh margherita pizza any day of the week. Fresh basil is 100x better than the dried basil & buying fresh basil every time I went to the grocery store was just getting expensive. Basil is very sensitive but will let you know when it needs more water (gets wilted) but if it gets too cold overnight or in the morning it will die. So this is a good plant to start indoors (even in Texas) until you are absolutely sure its not getting below 50 degrees at night then put it outside and it will grow faster than you can use it!

6) Cherry Tomatoes. I am ready to get a yard so I can explore growing hybrids and heirloom tomatoes. I'm not crazy about cherry tomatoes but I will definitely use them in salads & pizzas. Our little (big) plant now has 3 little guys growing on it

7) Blackberries. Brett surprised me with these on my birthday & I think next year if I do okay with these I will definitely grow quite a few more bushes because I don't think this one bush will produce enough for us but we will find out soon! It's got some beautiful berries growing on it now.

8) Strawberries! All the heart eyes!! Strawberries have always been a struggle for me, I'm not going to lie. This one is still alive but has yet to produce any fruits for us so we'll see what happens. Yes, im tending to my garden in slippers.

9) Green onions. (I think) These are growing like crazy! I don't cook with them often so if yall have some recipes or ideas on what to add them to let me know because I'd hate to see them go to waste.

10) Flowers. Every girl loves flowers amiright? These caught my eye on my birthday on a quick trip to Lowe's (I know, that's a joke. There's no such thing) to pick up my Dyson & I couldn't resist. I brought it home & divided it into 3 different pots & they're doing great. I do feel like this pot is dwarf like on our porch but B got it for me for my birthday as well so it needed some love.

What's in your garden or dream garden? Link up below! I'd love to see your 10.

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