Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Junk Heaven

Being smack dab in the middle of the Spring Texas Antiques Week, I am reminiscing on last fall in Round Top. This takes place twice a year & I have heard sooo many great things about it but last year Brett's mom insisted we go together so we pack up for a day trip to Round Top, Texas (Population 90) during the middle of the week.

I HIGHLY recommend going during the middle of the week if you can make it work. & I also highly recommend going for more than one day...it is over 15 miles & 60 "shows". Not vendors, not booths, not rows. 60 individual Antique shows all pack in to one! EVERY THING is bigger in Texas yall!

She was the leader during this trip since she's the veteran. We focused solely on the Original Round Top Antiques Fair area where my favorite place in the world, the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters, is located. We avoided the Big Red Barn & Marburgers as these halls are HUGE & not really our style & you have to pay to get into them. If you have a few days or really love the french country style, Marburgers is your jam!

The Junk Gypsies speak my love language. Very rustic, junky, chippy, peeley kind of wonderful. Miranda Lambert is a huge fan so you know it's good. They make something out of nothings & I LOVE IT! I got so much bedroom & home inspiration here. I didn't want to ever leave. I also got the best smelling candle called "Fringe" & now they're out & I can't find them anywhere....cue the tears.

I purchased the love of my life at the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters as well...

We saw lots of pretty things, lots pf pretty expensive things, and got lots of inspiration everywhere we looked. Once Angela dragged me out of Junk Gypsy we walked around for HOURS through what felt like millions of tents in search of "The Chandelier Lady". She was nowhere to be found...I fell in love with this table but sadly I have nowhere to put a $5,000 table. Nor do I have $5,000 for a table.

We fell in love with all of the lights we saw. Brett is still holding a grudge against me for buying the globe lights. That man has an obsessions with Globes, I'm perfectly okay with it.

We are already planning our next trip to Round Top & I am there at Antique week in spirit right now. Next time I'll be sure to take more and better pictures. Have you ever been to Antique Week?

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