Monday, March 7, 2016

A Year in Review | 2015

I may or may not be writing a reflection on the year 2015....on March 7th 2016. Better late than never right?? Ok, lets get started.

Brett & I started our journey as a couple (finally) & celebrated with all of our closest friends on New Years.

Brett harvested a nice buck from the ranch.

We took an AWESOME Ski trip that I wish we could take every year or better yet just live in Colorado.

 if we lived in Colorado I could see this cute little face everyday. My adorable cousin Ellery!


Evidently it was nowhere near cold outside since we went on a hike in tank tops & shorts...

 We hijacked Nick's scooter & drove it to school for a project.

I was still a nanny to the cutest little buck you've ever seen & his two siblings.

We also saw Wade Bowen in concert.

March 2015

My friend Victoria got us tickets to go see Miranda Lambert at the Houston Rodeo, her singing was incredible but we honestly weren't very impressed with the actual show. We kept saying "Something just doesn't seem right..." it was so odd, you could tell something was wrong with her....not too long later it was announced her & Blake were getting a divorce.

Girls night out at a Texas Country music concert

I shot a Coyote on the run out at the Ranch on spring break, that's just how we do it down here in Texas.

We celebrated my 21st Birthday! A night I'll remember forever...I had way too many drinks, lost a Kendra Scott earring (yes, just one...I woke up with one still in my ear & the other nowhere to be found RIP) & met Houston Astros legend, Roger Clemons!

Also, my dad's side of the family got together for an "event" I can't even remember to actually surprise our Grand Parents with family photos. I think this was the very first time that we ALL got to be together & we loved every second of it!

One of the many beautiful family photos...

April 2015

April seemed to be pretty uneventful...we celebrated Easter 2015 in my hometown with my mom, ate some good seafood & dyed some eggs.

We actually floated the river for the first time on the last weekend & enjoyed the first glimpse of Bluebonnet's here in Central Texas.

May 2015

Gorgeous wildflowers continued into May....The Ranch is always {extra} breathtaking in the spring. We went on some good hikes & took even better naps.

Brett also got his new truck! Still going strong & loving it today...

The highlight of May 2015 I'd say was the San Antonio Public Library Foundation Gala. We had a fabulous time, drank some good drinks, ate some great food & enjoyed good company.

June & July 2015

I truly have about 8 pictures combined from June & July...I started a new career in Car Sales in June & dedicated all of my time to it. Another night, another concert...can I get this tan back? thanks.

August & September 2015

August is what is called "push month" in my company because car sales are HUGE in August & March so I didn't have a ton of free in any free time. The highlight of my September was by far when Brett's Mom & I went out to Round Top, Texas to Texas Antiques Week. It's not for the faint of heart yall but it is my new favorite time of year & I cannot wait to go again! We saw a lot of beautiful things but my favorites are below...


Lights galore...There were a lot of things I snapped pictures of purely for the fact that I know Brett & I can make it for half the price.

BY FAR my favorite piece I've ever purchased...

October 2015 

October consisted of a few of my favorite things. A ton of work at the ranch, hunting, and relaxation.

November & December 2015

We spent our time between our homes & all four thanksgivings & Christmas'. Also did some duck hunting on Christmas Eve! We got two new Jeep & Hank our Lab.

Whew, if you're still with me then you deserve a round of applause! I don't even want to go back & reread this...

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