Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kitchen Coffee Station

I knew when we moved into our home I wanted a "Coffee Bar". I use the term coffee bar lightly because I am the only one who drinks coffee & I'm not even as big of a die hard coffee addict as most people seem to be. I drink my coffee therefor I have a {not so glam} Keurig on our counter.

I am the girl who hates clutter but if it's going to exist it needs to have a real purpose, be functional, and easy on the eyes. Insert tiered rack...I'm not so sure where this one is from, Brett's mom gave it to me (She has the best finds!). Use whatever you have on hand whether it be a cute little bucket, a galvanized stand, a cake stand, anything!! It makes my k-cups, sugar bowl, honey, and trinkets instantly organized & functional.

I got my creamer cow at Kohls for only $8.99, the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart has them in assorted colors as well. I believe they're sold out or discontinued online but I still see them in the stores. My mug, cozy pumpkin, & bowl were all TJ Maxx finds.  I see canisters, mugs, jars all over Pinterest & Instagram that look like my "Thankful" mug & I'm not sure who originally made them. After intense insta-stalking I found a lady that seems to make/sell them? You can find her shop here. I may have to snag some of those canisters soon! The Fowler's honey is local Texas Honey!! I love any chance to support local families, farms, business', etc so when I saw it at our local meat market I had to snag it. Come to find out the are actually located in La Vernia, Tx which is very close to us so I love it even more! You can buy their honey on their website here.

Unfortunately I think my Keurig is either possessed or about to crap out on me. Some days it will make a half a cup of coffee, some days it'll make a full cup, and last week it decided to make a cup for my entire town & pour all over my counter, floor, & cabinets! So if anybody has any suggestions for single serve coffee makers please help a girl out.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Our own piece of Texas

Whew! Life has been a whirlwind lately! Shopping for a home is NOT for the faint of heart. Maybe it's a little better at different times of the year & different areas of the country but I never would have thought actually finding a home would be such a nightmare.

The good news is that we now have our very first home!! On June 30th we closed on our very first home ALL THE HEART EYE EMOJIS!! Since we closed almost a month & a half ago we have been busy busy busy. We keep saying all we want to do is sit in the house & enjoy it but between unpacking, working, decorating, we are occupied 110% of the time. I haven't even taken real pictures of our house.

I had all expectations to have the perfect picture in front of our first home in our perfect outfits we wore to our closing....& then life happens! We live in the Texas Hill Country so it was about 286 degrees outside, we were sweaty, and it was HOT so our cute clothes were ditched in about 2.3 seconds.

The sunsets are so dreamy! We are so blessed to be able to afford our first home at such a young age but we have worked SO HARD for it. We couldn't be more thankful & grateful. Until next time!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: My Garden

I stumbled upon Sept. Farm blog by Karli & couldn't stop reading. I thought I'd join in on this Tuesday's link up! Yall have to go check out her blog later.

We live in a townhome right now with no yard (I know, torture) but I cannot have a porch without some greenery. I may sound a little biased but I have quite the green thumb & gardening is one of my favorite things to do (but really doing anything outside is my favorite) & I cannot wait to have a yard & be able to expand my garden & landscape.

So right now we have a few containers Brett built me with some yummy & pretty goodness growing inside!

1) Cilantro! YUM. I've always loved cilantro & use it a few times a week cooking. That's probably the Texan in me...ALL the mexican food please! If you use Cilantro regularly plant more than you anticipate you need. Also, fresh home grown cilantro is SOOOOOO much more flavorful than store bought Cilantro! In my home made salsa with store bought cilantro I probably use half the bushel but with my homegrown cilantro I can use 10 leaves or less and actually taste the cilantro.

2) Jalapeno Peppers. Yall the amount of peppers we eat through out the year is ridiculous. Again, put in everything. They are effortless to grow in this area as we get a decent amount of rain during the spring & plenty of sunshine. One thing I've learned with peppers is the less water, the hotter they get. For us this is a good thing, for others not so much so beware.

3) Habanero Peppers. These are Brett's favorite. The one below just showed it's face & I just let it hang out until it turns orange. I don't use them in as much cooking as they are H.O.T. but I do like to put them on his side of the pizza, make sauce out of them, and garnish some of his foods.

4) Serrano peppers. Okay I promise this is the last pepper we are growing...for now ;) I love the flavor & heat these little peppers pack! Just a effortless as the rest of our peppers.

5) Basil. mmmmmMMMMmmmm! I LOVE BASIL! I only use it for my pizza because this girl can down some fresh margherita pizza any day of the week. Fresh basil is 100x better than the dried basil & buying fresh basil every time I went to the grocery store was just getting expensive. Basil is very sensitive but will let you know when it needs more water (gets wilted) but if it gets too cold overnight or in the morning it will die. So this is a good plant to start indoors (even in Texas) until you are absolutely sure its not getting below 50 degrees at night then put it outside and it will grow faster than you can use it!

6) Cherry Tomatoes. I am ready to get a yard so I can explore growing hybrids and heirloom tomatoes. I'm not crazy about cherry tomatoes but I will definitely use them in salads & pizzas. Our little (big) plant now has 3 little guys growing on it

7) Blackberries. Brett surprised me with these on my birthday & I think next year if I do okay with these I will definitely grow quite a few more bushes because I don't think this one bush will produce enough for us but we will find out soon! It's got some beautiful berries growing on it now.

8) Strawberries! All the heart eyes!! Strawberries have always been a struggle for me, I'm not going to lie. This one is still alive but has yet to produce any fruits for us so we'll see what happens. Yes, im tending to my garden in slippers.

9) Green onions. (I think) These are growing like crazy! I don't cook with them often so if yall have some recipes or ideas on what to add them to let me know because I'd hate to see them go to waste.

10) Flowers. Every girl loves flowers amiright? These caught my eye on my birthday on a quick trip to Lowe's (I know, that's a joke. There's no such thing) to pick up my Dyson & I couldn't resist. I brought it home & divided it into 3 different pots & they're doing great. I do feel like this pot is dwarf like on our porch but B got it for me for my birthday as well so it needed some love.

What's in your garden or dream garden? Link up below! I'd love to see your 10.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sunday on the Riverbank

Happy April yall! March was crazy busy with work so I am THRILLED to have a free moment to breathe.

This past Sunday we woke up & were both craving relaxation but also getting out of the house. So we did what any southern group of friends would do...went out to Brett's friends property who has river access & boiled some crawfish. We had a great time, some great food, & a few beers too. I have noticed the bad thing about having my awesome new camera is that I end up a mysterious person that doesn't exist...

All of our friends have pups so the day also became a puppy party. They played and swam all day. We thought it was a good idea to hop in the river but that 75 degree water is still a little too cold. 

All the dogs please! My next camera investment is going to have to be a nerdy tripod & remote I suppose. If yall (as in all of my invisible followers) have any suggestions on tripods for Nikon DSLR's please let me know!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Junk Heaven

Being smack dab in the middle of the Spring Texas Antiques Week, I am reminiscing on last fall in Round Top. This takes place twice a year & I have heard sooo many great things about it but last year Brett's mom insisted we go together so we pack up for a day trip to Round Top, Texas (Population 90) during the middle of the week.

I HIGHLY recommend going during the middle of the week if you can make it work. & I also highly recommend going for more than one day...it is over 15 miles & 60 "shows". Not vendors, not booths, not rows. 60 individual Antique shows all pack in to one! EVERY THING is bigger in Texas yall!

She was the leader during this trip since she's the veteran. We focused solely on the Original Round Top Antiques Fair area where my favorite place in the world, the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters, is located. We avoided the Big Red Barn & Marburgers as these halls are HUGE & not really our style & you have to pay to get into them. If you have a few days or really love the french country style, Marburgers is your jam!

The Junk Gypsies speak my love language. Very rustic, junky, chippy, peeley kind of wonderful. Miranda Lambert is a huge fan so you know it's good. They make something out of nothings & I LOVE IT! I got so much bedroom & home inspiration here. I didn't want to ever leave. I also got the best smelling candle called "Fringe" & now they're out & I can't find them anywhere....cue the tears.

I purchased the love of my life at the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters as well...

We saw lots of pretty things, lots pf pretty expensive things, and got lots of inspiration everywhere we looked. Once Angela dragged me out of Junk Gypsy we walked around for HOURS through what felt like millions of tents in search of "The Chandelier Lady". She was nowhere to be found...I fell in love with this table but sadly I have nowhere to put a $5,000 table. Nor do I have $5,000 for a table.

We fell in love with all of the lights we saw. Brett is still holding a grudge against me for buying the globe lights. That man has an obsessions with Globes, I'm perfectly okay with it.

We are already planning our next trip to Round Top & I am there at Antique week in spirit right now. Next time I'll be sure to take more and better pictures. Have you ever been to Antique Week?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Five on Friday

Hey yall! Quick blog post on this Saturday....MY days get mixed up because in my business Saturday is my Friday so we'll just pretend it's still Friday ;)

1. I discovered yesterday on my lunch break that the store 'At Home' (formerly Garden Ridge) has really stepped up their game! I stopped in to get some lamp shades for some gaudy gold lamps I picked up from Goodwill & repainted (blog post soon) & their things are getting so cute & i actually found some good gift items for a great price so I snagged a few ;)

2. I ordered some Laced Hair Extensions yesterday & I CANNOT WAIT to get them in!! I've wanted a new good pair of extensions for awhile now & after stalking quite a few other bloggers & their gorgeous hair for a few months I finally pulled the trigger. I was unsure of what color/length to get so I sent them an email with some pictures & they responded within the hour with a suggestion. I was impressed. They're shipping much faster than expected to so that's always awesome to see!

3. Our garden is taking off! Blueberries, strawberries, peppers, rosemary, basil, cilantro, green onions, garlic, & tomatoes. We're getting close to being able to start harvesting them & I cannot wait, I'm already dreaming of all the fresh tomatoes, basil & maybe some mozzarella. YUM!

4. Red Dress Boutique has released some new arrivals lately & I jumped on their site & fell in love with this top. Cute for Spring on a casual Sunday or even a day at my office so I had to snag it. They also have a cute clutch I like but haven't pulled the trigger on quite yet. But they have free shipping for purchases over $50 so clearly I need to buy the clutch too so that I can qualify for free shipping right?

5. Last night we had a terrible storm roll through & we happened to have no groceries so we decided to order a pizza for the first time in ages from a local joint & 2.5 hours later...it never showed!! We ended up going on a late night run to Whataburger for Breakfast & snapped this picture. Hank wanted a #4 for himself...

That's all folks!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring in Texas

ONE | I have an addiction to cowboy boots (what Texas girl doesn't?) & when we were in Austin on Valentine's Day we had to pop in to the famous Allen's Boot's & I spotted these gorgeous boots. All the fringe & heart eyes a girl could ever dream of! With a birthday coming up next week I think this is where my birthday $$$ will be going this year.

TWO | With warmer weather comes shorter hemlines & bare arms. In an attempt to not blind everybody I've been searching high & low for a tanning lotion that is absolutely perfect. This Tanwise mousse seems to be the absolute best, it's found online at Amazon & also in store at Sally Beauty. I am popping in today on my day off to pick a bottle up & try it for myself.

THREE | I stumbled upon this gorgeous fabric on accident somehow & it just goes perfect with the Rodeo season here in Texas that coincides with Spring. They have it in all different types of shirts & dresses. I haven' pulled the trigger on mumu products quite yet but from everything I've heard it's worth the splurge.

FOUR | Sandal weather. enough said. Girls either go get your toes done or do them at home yourself. I didn't realize how much attention my own feet needed until I threw on my first pair of sandals for the year a few weeks ago & once I had already left the house I looked down & cringed. Essie's new spring line is gorgeous!

FIVE | I received this pair of Kendra Scott Sophee earrings in this months RocksBox. I am head over heels in love with them & love how they effortlessly go with every. single. outfit. They come in Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver so there's something for everyone. You can use code 'LAURENBFF1195' for a FREE MONTH of your very own Rocksbox!

SIX | This Kendra Scott bracelet is on my wishlist. I think it's perfect for Spring & Summer because blues go with everything ;) It also comes in white & pink/orange.

What are your Spring must haves??

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Year in Review | 2015

I may or may not be writing a reflection on the year 2015....on March 7th 2016. Better late than never right?? Ok, lets get started.

Brett & I started our journey as a couple (finally) & celebrated with all of our closest friends on New Years.

Brett harvested a nice buck from the ranch.

We took an AWESOME Ski trip that I wish we could take every year or better yet just live in Colorado.

 if we lived in Colorado I could see this cute little face everyday. My adorable cousin Ellery!


Evidently it was nowhere near cold outside since we went on a hike in tank tops & shorts...

 We hijacked Nick's scooter & drove it to school for a project.

I was still a nanny to the cutest little buck you've ever seen & his two siblings.

We also saw Wade Bowen in concert.

March 2015

My friend Victoria got us tickets to go see Miranda Lambert at the Houston Rodeo, her singing was incredible but we honestly weren't very impressed with the actual show. We kept saying "Something just doesn't seem right..." it was so odd, you could tell something was wrong with her....not too long later it was announced her & Blake were getting a divorce.

Girls night out at a Texas Country music concert

I shot a Coyote on the run out at the Ranch on spring break, that's just how we do it down here in Texas.

We celebrated my 21st Birthday! A night I'll remember forever...I had way too many drinks, lost a Kendra Scott earring (yes, just one...I woke up with one still in my ear & the other nowhere to be found RIP) & met Houston Astros legend, Roger Clemons!

Also, my dad's side of the family got together for an "event" I can't even remember to actually surprise our Grand Parents with family photos. I think this was the very first time that we ALL got to be together & we loved every second of it!

One of the many beautiful family photos...

April 2015

April seemed to be pretty uneventful...we celebrated Easter 2015 in my hometown with my mom, ate some good seafood & dyed some eggs.

We actually floated the river for the first time on the last weekend & enjoyed the first glimpse of Bluebonnet's here in Central Texas.

May 2015

Gorgeous wildflowers continued into May....The Ranch is always {extra} breathtaking in the spring. We went on some good hikes & took even better naps.

Brett also got his new truck! Still going strong & loving it today...

The highlight of May 2015 I'd say was the San Antonio Public Library Foundation Gala. We had a fabulous time, drank some good drinks, ate some great food & enjoyed good company.

June & July 2015

I truly have about 8 pictures combined from June & July...I started a new career in Car Sales in June & dedicated all of my time to it. Another night, another concert...can I get this tan back? thanks.

August & September 2015

August is what is called "push month" in my company because car sales are HUGE in August & March so I didn't have a ton of free time...as in any free time. The highlight of my September was by far when Brett's Mom & I went out to Round Top, Texas to Texas Antiques Week. It's not for the faint of heart yall but it is my new favorite time of year & I cannot wait to go again! We saw a lot of beautiful things but my favorites are below...


Lights galore...There were a lot of things I snapped pictures of purely for the fact that I know Brett & I can make it for half the price.

BY FAR my favorite piece I've ever purchased...

October 2015 

October consisted of a few of my favorite things. A ton of work at the ranch, hunting, and relaxation.

November & December 2015

We spent our time between our homes & all four thanksgivings & Christmas'. Also did some duck hunting on Christmas Eve! We got two new babies....my Jeep & Hank our Lab.

Whew, if you're still with me then you deserve a round of applause! I don't even want to go back & reread this...

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