Monday, June 8, 2015

Houston We Have a Problem...

Starting a new job comes with a lot of new issues and worries (or maybe that's just me...) but one of my number one worries when starting somewhere new is what to wear. I am starting a new career in sales in a couple of weeks and according to my boss the dress code is "business professional" but what does business professional really entail?

*Types "business professional" in google*

*Looks horrifiedly at the boring black lifeless suits and white shirts*

*Logs on to Pinterest*

Yeah, no thanks! My (future) office is comprised of men & one older woman & the two of us just don't have the same style AND it doesn't help that the men in the office who are dressing "business professional" don't wear jackets and one wears a baseball cap! Granted, this is Central Texas so a blazer or jacket is not as appropriate in the middle of summertime but it does not help my case.

How do yall manage to have your own personal style in the workplace?

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