Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bringing the coastal feel into work, without looking tacky.

I grew up on the Gulf-Coast of Texas so i spent plenty of warm summer days & nights fishing, boating, and playing on the beach. I considered myself a mermaid or a fish for most of my childhood. Now that I am in college 250 miles away and working a big girl job I find myself day dreaming about those days on the coast & the smell of salty air. I wish I could have no responsibilities forever & pick up & walk down the the sand within minutes, any day I please. But until then, I'll just have to bring that look into my office & keep dreaming...

1. These Kendra Scotts are DARLING! I just got them this past week & haven't gotten the chance to wear them yet but I am itching to, i'll do an outfit post when the time comes.
2. Scallops!!! I can't get enough. I love that this dress is work appropriate in so many settings just by wearing it like it is with the right shoes and you can easily just throw a blazer in almost ANY color on top. 
3. Seriously, the scallops. I think I'm a little late to the scallop party but I can not get enough. Kate Spade is the queen of scallops & this little number just happens to be on sale right now...which means she may be coming home to Momma soon ;)
4. These heels! The color, the caged heel that makes them any more playful, and THE COLOR. I love a good color pop with my shoes when I'm at the office. Did I mention that these are only $35.99?! Charlotte Russe is also running a promotion right now for BOGO $12.50 so I also scooped up these beauts, so classic & "in" right now.
5. Okay maybe I am a little too obsessed with scallops right now, can you blame a girl? They remind me of the home on the coast with a little wave inspiration so I just can't get enough. & monogrammed? Enough said.
6. Essie nail polishes don't need much explanation. These colors are a fun way to bring the coastal feel with you to work (or play) everyday. 

Happy Friday Eve Ladies!
xoxo, Lauren

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Girl Behind The Blog

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Everybody likes talking about themselves, right? Right. If you can show me somebody who says they don't like to talk about themselves and/or the people they love every once in a while then I will show you a liar.

^That's me, I'm Lauren! I'm 21 years old {or young, whatever}, and a Marketing student at Texas State University. I am a stereotypical Texas girl to the core, I love hunting, fishing, and enjoy being outdoors every chance I get. & of course the Texas pride runs deep in my blood. I grew up on the Gulf Coast so if i'm remotely near a body of water, whether an ocean or a pond, I am happy. Even though I love Texas, I'm a self proclaimed snowbunny & go skiing or snowboarding every chance I get. 

I have a LARGE blended family so life was always interesting growing up to say the least!

Houston yall, we may not have the best teams but they're the best to us ;) The boy is amazing & all mine.

& last but not least I'll leave yall with a picture of my furbaby. Gracie Lou Freebush. Obviously I'm a little biased but she is adorable. 

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Houston We Have a Problem...

Starting a new job comes with a lot of new issues and worries (or maybe that's just me...) but one of my number one worries when starting somewhere new is what to wear. I am starting a new career in sales in a couple of weeks and according to my boss the dress code is "business professional" but what does business professional really entail?

*Types "business professional" in google*

*Looks horrifiedly at the boring black lifeless suits and white shirts*

*Logs on to Pinterest*

Yeah, no thanks! My (future) office is comprised of men & one older woman & the two of us just don't have the same style AND it doesn't help that the men in the office who are dressing "business professional" don't wear jackets and one wears a baseball cap! Granted, this is Central Texas so a blazer or jacket is not as appropriate in the middle of summertime but it does not help my case.

How do yall manage to have your own personal style in the workplace?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Saturday Arm Candy

Just a short little post today but look at this arm candy #HeartEyes!! 

Watch:Fossil | Bangles: Kendra Scott  &  Candy Couture Shop | Shorts: Roxy

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